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Where to buy Tickets to Bella Voce Concerts

Bella Voce Holiday and Spring concert tickets may be purchased starting one month prior to the performance. General Seating. $20.00 adults; $17.00 Seniors and Students*.

Advance tickets for our 2018-2019 concert season will be available at the Flynntix Box Office starting in October 2018: 802-86-FLYNN, or on-line: Advance tickets are also available directly from Bella Voce members. In the event that we’re not completely sold out in advance, tickets can be purchased at the door of the venue on the day of the concert(s).

* Every individual, regardless of age, requires a ticket. Because many of our concerts are recorded live and can be as long as 2 hours in length, we do not recommended bringing infants or small children under 5 years of age.